Wellness bath

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Wellness bath


Wellness bath

Zenit. Each drop of it is REFRESHMENT.

In our bathing area a double oak tub contribute to the ideal ambient for a romantic wine bath. This warm, natural material grants you unique experiences.


It is the wonderful combination of milk and honey. After the bath we step out of the tub nearly totally newborn and our skin becomes silky soft and shining. The basis of the bath is formed by the most versatile alimentary substance, the milk, which consist of proteins, vitamins and mineral substances, which makes you tight, smooth, strond and young.

pRICE: 5.000 Ft / 2 perSONS / 30'

During the 20-30 minutes spent in the wine bath the elasticity of the skin rises, it becomes smooth, silkier and more hydrated. The natural elementary substances contain severe antioxidants, hydrate the skin and impede the aging of the skin.

pRICE: 5.000 Ft / 2 personS / 30'

It is fantastically reach in mineral substances and trace elements, which are also present in the dead-sea bath salts produced by distillation. Our skin becomes silky, it promotes the wound healing, is excellent antidote to the psoriasis.

pRICE: 5.000 Ft / 2 personS / 30'

It is a popular spa treatment due to its effective healing power. We recommend it for those who have skin problems, aknes, chronic joint illnesses. It has beneficial effects on gynecological inflammations, menstrual disorders, cardiovascular insufficiency, hypertonia.

pRICE: 5.000 Ft / 2 personS / 30'

It pampers, soothes, moisturizes. Real luxury for the skin! Our rosy bath salt with its spicy, sugary and slightly bitter scent takes you to a magic, fabolous world. It is not only pampering, but also known for its beneficial effects: it can be used to treat various infections, inflammations. It can be an excellent treatment of herpes symptoms.

pRICE: 5.000 Ft / 2 personS / 30'


Bath with orange and lavender oils of natural origin. Lavender helps with relaxation, its blood circulation stimulating effectleads to a pleasant, relaxed state, while the orange extract has a health-enhancing, energizing effect. The bath water containssuch natural materials that treat, tighten the skin. The relaxing, refreshing effect of the treatment is due to the harmony of the natural materials in the water and the nutritive effect of milk.

pRICE: 5.000 Ft / 2 personS / 30'

The pampering bath is not typically accompanied with classic, sweet floral scents. The oil extracted from ripe olives nurtures your skin, while pampers you with fresh, green, woody scent.

pRICE: 5.000 Ft / 2 personS / 30'

Registration and Terms of cancelling

The prices are meant in Hungarian Forint (HUF) and include the VAT.  

Valid: since 10th April 2015

The treatments can be resorted from 9 to 16 o?clock. 


Registration: by the wellness reception personally or at the extension 12-10 from the room. We ask our Guests to appear at the wellness reception 5 minutes before beginning of the treatment. In case you are late, the treatment time will be shorter with the rate of this, or will be cancelled. 


Terms of cancelling: We charge 100% to your room bill in case of cancelling within 24 hours, 100% in caseof default cancelling / non-appearing, 50% in case of more than 24 hours before the treatment. In case of cancelling two days before the treatment you do not have any compulsory charge. 


Thank for your understanding.

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