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Zenit. Each drop of it is REFRESHMENT.

Do you desire recreation, relaxation or even skin tightening? You can find them all among our massage programs.
Grapes and wine not only provide gastronomic experience, but they are also popular primary materials of beauty and wellness treatments because of their health-promoting and beautifying effects. The efficiency of vinotherapy, which has been developed in the wine-growing region of Bordeaux, is due to the antioxidants found in grapes, they moisturize and rejuvenate the skin. Grape seeds and skin contain large amounts of antioxidants called polyphenols which can help fight free radicals that are responsible for skin aging. The so-called vinotherapy treatments, that are based on grape products, are specialities of the Zenit Hotel, with the help of them you can make your skin tight and young-looking effectively or deal with your locomotor problems.


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Smuggle a little romance into the rushing everydays with rose petal Cleopatra bath and champagne. We offer this to those couples who would like to experience the wonderful world of romance again.
The course of the bath cure: after 15’ sauna there is honey-salty bodypeeling, which is followed by a 50 minutes long vine-grapeseed oil massage. Then dip in milk and honey, enjoy the candle light bath in our wooden tub. In fine do not release each other’shands also during the parallel happening 50’ relaxing massage.

Price: 19.700 HUF / 2 persons / 145 minutes


There is nothing better than a dream fulfilled. Just close your eyes, ignore the noise of the outside world, bring up the scent of wonderful coconut palms, the soft, gentle sea breeze! The course of the spa treatment: a 15-minute sauna treatment with honey and sugar body peeling, followed by a 50-minute warm oily, chocolate massage. After the massage we pamper you with a 30-minute evening primrose bath, fresh fruit and fruitjuice make the experience even more pleasant.

Price: 19.700 HUF / 2 persons / 145 minutes



The course of the treatment: immerse in the pleasantly warm grape seed bath, we also serve some rosé wine to help you relax. After spending 20-30 minutes in the bath, your skin is going to be soft, smooth, velvety and hydrated. After the bath, you get a 50-minute grape seed oil massage separately.

Price: 19.700 HUF / 2 persons / 145 minutes

The treatment can be supplemented with a 15-minute grape seed body wrap, which prevents and slows the aging of the skin, preserves its elasticity and vitaly due to the beneficial effects of grapes.

The price of the supplementary body wrap:
3.500 HUF / person / 15 minutes

Registration and Terms of cancelling

The prices are meant in Hungarian Forint (HUF) and include the VAT.  

Valid: since 10th April 2015

The treatments can be resorted from 9 to 16 o?clock. 


Registration: by the wellness reception personally or at the extension 12-10 from the room. We ask our Guests to appear at the wellness reception 5 minutes before beginning of the treatment. In case you are late, the treatment time will be shorter with the rate of this, or will be cancelled. 


Terms of cancelling: We charge 100% to your room bill in case of cancelling within 24 hours, 100% in caseof default cancelling / non-appearing, 50% in case of more than 24 hours before the treatment. In case of cancelling two days before the treatment you do not have any compulsory charge. 


Thank for your understanding.

sauna programs

Every Friday LATE NIGHT WELLNESS with cocktails and sauna programs.