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Other massages


Other massages

Grape seed oil massage

Swedish massage during which the treatment occurs with grape seed oil. The grape prevents and slows down the aging of the skin with its favourable effects, it has hydrating, regenerating and antioxidant effects. It is recommended for both men and women.

price: 10.200 HUF / 50 min. and 16.500 HUF / 80 min

Soothing feet massage

Pampering massage for the feet. It applies different catches than the feet reflexology. So its aim and effect is also different. The foot is one of the most pressed parts of the organism, that is why its maintenance is important. The aim of feet massage is to refresh the feet, to remove the so called heavy feet.

price: 6.100 huf / 25 min.

Curative massage

The curative massage enhances the flexibility of the skin, moderates the muscle fatigue, removes the steady muscle tautness. It helps in removing the oedemas and dampings. It conduces to the healing of non-phlogistic joint illnesses.

price: 7.200 huf / 25 min.

Yumeiho massage

YUMEIHO therapy combines three techniques which are applied in all Far-East massages. The massage which rippers the taut muscles, improves the blood circulation, wakes the lymph circulation and enhances the metabolism. The acupressure which helps the energy flow in the body. The manual therapy catches which emend the joints. The treatment is acted out in casual wear and on the floor.

price: 16.000 huf / 50 min.

Inner Peace Lavender Oil Body Massage

The oil mixture absorbed in the skin and the fragrance inhaled increase the soothing effect of the massage. Throughout the treatment slow, soft and smoothing movements play the main role dissolving muscle tension caused by stress. It is suitable to reduce the stiffness of the joints and tissues, to increase muscle flexibility, to improve blood circulation, to dissolve cumulative stress.

pRice:  13.000 huf / 50 min.

Sweet Dew Honey Massage 

The vitamin, enzyme and mineral content of honey gets deep into the skin, it clears away waste from your body, detoxifies it. In addition to its intensive anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect, the treatment rejuvenates, softens and tightens the skin. At the beginning of the ritual, we pour honey onto the back of the patient and then spread it evenly. The masseur puts his whole palm onto the skin of the patient. Taking advantage of the stickiness of honey, it is possible to lift up the skin, that way the abnormal adhesions of connective tissues can be stopped.

pRice: 7.200 huf / 25 min.

The Treasure of Sheba - Coffee Massage

Caffeine has a refreshing effect, it stimulates the central nervous system. It also moisturizes and tightens the skin making it velvetly smooth. It is recommended for all skin types, it nourishes, moisturizes the skin, it has a rejuvenating effect. It has beneficial effects on the reduction of cellulite.

pRice: 13.000 huf / 50 min.

Refreshing Touch - Décolletage Massage
The aim of the massage is to maintain tissue elasticity and tightness, to prevent and slow down the signs of aging, to renew the body, to reduce fatigue.
The massage ranges as far as the face, neck, shoulders, arms and décolletage area.

PRICE: 7.200 HUF / 25 MIN.

Firming Body Treatment with Wild Grapes

 A new form of grape consumption. As a first step, we scrub your skin with a product that combines grape seed oil, cane sugar and grape seed powder. The treatment continues with a body mask, we place finely chopped grape pulp on the skin. After a quick shower, we massage your body with a refreshing body balm which nourishes the skin intensively and makes it silky soft. The beneficial effects of grapes can prevent and slow down the aging of the skin which can maintain its elasticity and vitality.

PRICE: 18.700 HUF / 80 MIN.

Registration and Terms of cancelling

The prices are meant in Hungarian Forint (HUF) and include the VAT.  

Valid: since 10th April 2015

The treatments can be resorted from 9 to 16 o?clock. 


Registration: by the wellness reception personally or at the extension 12-10 from the room. We ask our Guests to appear at the wellness reception 5 minutes before beginning of the treatment. In case you are late, the treatment time will be shorter with the rate of this, or will be cancelled. 


Terms of cancelling: We charge 100% to your room bill in case of cancelling within 24 hours, 100% in caseof default cancelling / non-appearing, 50% in case of more than 24 hours before the treatment. In case of cancelling two days before the treatment you do not have any compulsory charge. 


Thank for your understanding.

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