Fitness room

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Fitness room


Fitness room



Take care of your health, take care of the environment! Sports equipment in the Zenit Hotel Balaton that is unique in Hungary. Our electricity generating bicycles contribute to the provision of the electricity needs of the hotel. WE RECOMPENSE YOUR EFFORTS: IF YOU PRODUCE 75 WATTS OF ENERGY, WE WILL TREAT YOU TO A HEALTHY, REFRESHING DRINK RICH IN VITAMINS.


SPEEDFITNESS ? Experience and results?


Its name is exact, since the EMS technology, that is effective on the whole body at one time, makes it possible to work out ultra-fast, in 20 minutes, which physically corresponds to a two-hour extra hard gym workout. The (striated) muscles of the whole body contract 85 times per second, therefore, the method affects the development of fast twitch muscle fibers the most. That way, in addition to several advantages, progress in speed, dynamics and reaction time can be achieved. The simultaneous stimulation of extensor and flexor muscles also makes Speedfitness workout unique, while in the course of two training sessions a week the muscles are exposed to more frequent work than in the general practice of gym workout.

sauna programs

Every Friday LATE NIGHT WELLNESS with cocktails and sauna programs.