Other beauty treatments

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Other beauty treatments


Other beauty treatments

Magic of touch
This series fights the early skin aging with the most effective active substances. It delays the forming and deepening of the small wrinkles.

premium package: 15.900 huf / 90 min.

Male luxury cosmetic face treatment
Intensive, soothing, hydrating and refreshing treatment. It refills the skin with vitamins, mineral substances and trace elements which are needed for the operation of the normal matt skin. This treatment cleans and improves the oxygen supply of the skin.

basic pack price: 12.900 huf / 60 min.

premium pack price: 15.900 huf / 90 min.


Content of the basic pack: relaxing face massage and décolleté massage, microdermabrasion.
Content of the premium pack: cleaning, peeling, deep cleaning, massage, active substance pack.

Other treatments

Durable eyelashes tinting 3.000.- HUF
Durable eyebrow tinting 5.000.- HUF
Eyebrow shaping 3.000.- HUF
3D silk eyelashes building in grain 36.000.- HUF
3D silk eyelashes filling in grain 18.000.- HUF
Daytime make-up 10.000.- HUF
Event make-up 13.000.- HUF
Fiancée make-up 20.000.- HUF
Moustache resin 4.000.- HUF
Face resing 4.400.- HUF
Leg resin 8.000.- HUF
Total leg resin 13.000.- HUF
Thigh resin 7.000.- HUF
Bikini Line resin 5.000.- HUF
Total skin resin 8.000.- HUF
Armpit resin 5.000.- HUF
Arm resin 6.000.- HUF
Chest resin 10.000.- HUF
Back resin 10.000.- HUF


Registration and Terms of cancelling

The prices are meant in Hungarian Forint (HUF) and include the VAT.  

Valid: since 10th April 2015

The treatments can be resorted from 9 to 16 o?clock. 


Registration: by the wellness reception personally or at the extension 12-10 from the room. We ask our Guests to appear at the wellness reception 5 minutes before beginning of the treatment. In case you are late, the treatment time will be shorter with the rate of this, or will be cancelled. 


Terms of cancelling: We charge 100% to your room bill in case of cancelling within 24 hours, 100% in caseof default cancelling / non-appearing, 50% in case of more than 24 hours before the treatment. In case of cancelling two days before the treatment you do not have any compulsory charge. 


Thank for your understanding.

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